BWC Management

Bluewater Country Office hours of operation hours are as follows:

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday - 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Office will be closed daily 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm for lunch

Office is closed Tuesday and Friday

If you require immediate assistance, please contact the following Toll Free Number 1-888-668-5484


Management News Letter                                                                                                                                                             June 27, 2019

We couldn’t be more pleased that summer has finally arrived!  

You will find a flyer in your mail box explaining the details.  
We still are, patiently, waiting for our blue bin order to come in from the City of Sarnia. They now believe the order won’t possibly be here to mid July. For those of you that do not have a blue bin, please continue to put your recycles in the plastic bag and we will have to break open the bags and add to our recycles until we all are on blue bins. Once you receive a blue bin from us, there will be NO plastic bags to be put out to the road.  

As most of you are aware that I have been working with The City of Sarnia and Marnie from Mass Environmental to try and get then to off curb side garbage or recycles pick up for Bluewater Country. It has been unsuccessful because of the reasons they describe below;

Bluewater County is zoned (in the City’s Zoning By-law No. 85 of 2002) and developed as a “Private Residential Community” with “Private Residential Community Lots” designed on private roads. The definitions in our zoning by-law are as follows: 

"PRIVATE RESIDENTIAL COMMUNITY" shall mean a parcel of land containing 2 or more retirement community lots and which is under single management or ownership. 
"PRIVATE RESIDENTIAL COMMUNITY LOT" shall mean a parcel of land within a private retirement community fronting on a private street which is intended for occupancy by either 1 park model trailer, 1 mobile home (permanent) or 1 single detached dwelling.

Our Private Residential Communities (both 5600 & 5700 Blackwell Side Road), were developed in a manner similar to a “Condominium “ development, whereby there is one Owner of the land and each unit is separately owned, with the corporation proving all required services for all units in the development. Unlike a conventional subdivision which is developed on public streets and where the municipality is responsible for garbage and recycling services, snow removal and road maintenance (et al), it is the responsibility of the Owner of your developments on private roads, to provide all of these services. 
Our developments were commissioned in accordance with approved “Site Plan Development Control Agreements.

Our wonderful Jackie Timperley has left the company to be with her husband, Jason, as he has moved back to his home town where he is working as a welder. It is sad to see them both move on from Sarnia, and Parkbridge, however, we wish them all the best in their future endeavours. Kirsten Boire has taken the place of Jackie! Kirsten comes with years of experience in cleaning and IT. She is a very positive, hardworking individual that we utilize in all areas of cleaning, maintenance and administration. Please say hi to Kirsten, if you are out and see her in your travels! 

Kind Reminder;
“ People glow differently when they are loved right and treated properly” Continue to be kind to one another!

Since Garbage is the hot topic, please continue to consider;
Please have your items to the curb by 9:30 a.m., to ensure pick-up.
Put any paper you may have on the bottom of your blue box or in an enclosed brown paper bag to help our workers from chasing after paper.  
You do not have to sort your recycles out, at the present time
Currently our staff will remain picking up your garbage & recycles, not the city
Garbage is picked up now only on Fridays. Please use green garbage bags.
Please do not combine other material with compost. Our men are finding that they go to dump your compost and people are combining other NON compost material with it.  
For all large items, they are not to be dropped off in front of the recycle or garbage bins. You are to, please, call the office and make us aware that you are bringing large items down to drop off behind our shop.  
The City is going to start making out fines if they are finding recycles in garbage dumpsters, plastic bags in the recycle dumpsters, construction material in either bin etc. 
We have secured cameras and will be adding locks for the garbage and recycle dump area in order to monitor the progress
There will not be a dumpster for the construction material as this did not work out with the vision we had. You will continue to take your construction items to Curran as always.  
We will all work together to ensure effective and efficient systems are adhered to. As new garbage or recycle, information comes to us, we will also keep you informed.

We would like to welcome our Newest Resident to Bluewater Country:
Unit#344 Theresa van Koeverden
Unit #315 Thomas and Colleen Keenan
Unit #12 Michael and Karen McLung
Unit #357 Claire Campbell
Unit #239 Betty Willans

My Inspiration of the month…….Choose Joy
            “Don’t wait for things to get easier, simpler, better. 
                                                       Life will always be complicated. 
                                                                       Learn to be happy right now, otherwise, you’ll run out of time.

“Without sense of caring, there can be no sense of community”

Mary-Lynn Kohut                     Rachelle Brazeau
Community Manager                Assistant Community Manager

MANAGEMENT NEWSLETTER                                                                                                                          JULY 31, 2019

I hope all of homeowners are enjoying the summer and all of the festivities in the community and around Sarnia Lambton County!

Matt Alexander has recently changed his career and moved on from his position at Parkbridge as our Regional Manager. We are excited to welcome Sue Baert to the Parkridge team! As Regional Manager Sue, along with the already very capable team we have in Central West, will be helping ensure your questions and concerns are addressed and that we are doing our best to make sure you feel at home here in the community. Sue comes to us after spending 20+ years in the hospitality industry with a multi-unit franchise, and most recently as a Director of Operations & Retail for non-profits in the Chatham/Windsor/Sarnia area. Sue is passionate about customer service and enjoys living in Sarnia, Ontario. She is excited to work with all of you and looks forward to assisting the team, here in Bluewater Country. Please feel free to introduce yourself if you see Sue out around the community.  

Thank you, for welcoming our new staff this year and commending them for all their hard work. I love to hear the stories of kindness and thoughtfulness we share throughout our community! We appreciate your kind comments and recognition. 

We have delivered all of the blue bins throughout the community, however, if you did not receive one, please call the office and we will arrange delivery. If you received one and do not require it, please return to office. The fee for the blue bin is $7 and can be dropped off by cheque or cash to the office. Please ensure you are not lining your blue bin with a plastic bag as it is making it extremely difficult for our contractor to dump. The contractor informed us that the bins will not be dumped if there is a plastic bag lining it. Let’s all work as a team to try to make it manageable for our contractor. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.  

Unfortunately, there has been two golf carts stolen from homeowners that live in the community. We need to take extra precautions now as they were taken in broad daylight. A few suggestions may be to tarp your cart, which may make it slightly more difficult for them to take it and/or get a locksmith to change the key and lock system.  

The Pool has been giving us some challenges lately, however, we are working with Mark from Aqua Pools to ensure proper steps are taken to correct the situation. The readings are coming up correct and it is safe for our homeowners, however, we want to eliminate the cloudiness. We will keep you informed as we receive confirmation and clarification from Mark.  

Kind Reminder;
Now that we all have blue bins, you will no longer use plastic bags for recyclable items. Please utilize your blue bins, only, for all recycles. This week is our transitional week, however, beginning the first week of August, we will only pick up recycles in blue bins, without plastic bagged linings. There will be no recycles picked up that are in plastic bags. With regards to garden waste or compost, please use paper bags only for this. We should not be using plastic bags for garden waste or compost moving forward. If you have tree branches or bulk compost and it will not fit in a paper bag please tie up the branches so that it is easier for our workers to load and unload.  
Please note that all swimmers are to shower before entering the pool. This has been an ongoing concern that not all swimmers are doing this. There is a sign before entering pool that reminds everyone of this essential rule.  

We would like to welcome our Newest Resident to Bluewater Country:
Mina & David Welch Unit 282
Maureen MacKenzie Unit 402
Suzanne & Wayne Goring Unit 467

My Inspiration of the month…….Choose joy
        "Don't wait for things to get easier, simpler, better...
                                                    Life will always be complicated...
                                                                                   Learn to be happy right now, otherwise you'll run out of time."

“Without sense of caring, there can be no sense of community”
Mary-Lynn Kohut                             Rachelle Brazeau
Community Manager                       Assistant Community Manager

Management Newsletter                                                                                                                                                            September 2019

I hope everyone has enjoyed our extended summer! We are moving right into fall with so much to be thankful for.  
We hope to see everyone out to our Homeowners Appreciation Wine & Cheese gathering on Tuesday, October 1st. Please sign up at the clubhouse, if you haven’t yet, as soon as possible, to ensure the correct amount of food & beverage.

Kind Reminder;
It has been a challenge for our staff cutting the grass this fall as it has been soaking wet for a great length of time in the mornings. Our homeowners have still been keeping their sprinkler systems regulated according to a summer schedule which is totally unnecessary given the amount of rain and due in the ground. We are asking that the homeowners please turn off their sprinklers at this time of year for ease of cutting grass. Our staff are now beginning to cut at 9am. to help out with this issue as well.
We have had a few calls and emails from Diane Barnhardt about our staff not locking up the clubhouse at 4pm which has been a practice expected from us for years. We have confirmed that our staff are locking up and with others witnessing this. Kirsten, whom is responsible for locking up, has been finding the doors unlocked and the allen keys hanging by the doors, on some occasions in the mornings. Please refrain from unlocking doors as all of our homeowners should have keys to get themselves into the clubhouse. We issue one per household. If you do not have one per household, please come down and see Rachelle and she would be more than happy to issue one for $22.  
Please take the time to put your Unit # on your blue box in case it gets blowing down the street when empty or mixed up with your neighbors etc.  
Kirsten has asked me to mention that she is still seeing pop cans, egg cartons and donation items brought to the clubhouse and left in the coat room. There are no more services that come and pick these items up at our clubhouse, so please discontinue the delivery of these items. 

We would like to welcome our Newest Resident to Bluewater Country:
Celestina Lawrence – Unit #275William & Judith Snyder – Unit #17
Edna Elliot – Unit #315Laurie Butler – Unit #20
Istvan Olah – Unit #278

My Inspiration of the month…….
“Never ignore a person who cares for you because someday you’ll realize you’ve lost a diamond, 
while you were collecting stones”

“Without sense of caring, there can be no sense of community”

Mary-Lynn Kohut                     Rachelle Brazeau
Community Manager                Assistant Community Manager