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Attendance: 150 residents

1.Call to Order and Welcome
Diane Barnhardt, President, called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. She welcomed everyone to the meeting.  

2.Board and Social Committee Composition
Diane reviewed the composition and role of the Board in comparison to the Social Committee. She noted that the bylaws state that there is to be a Board of 7-11 directors. She introduced the Board members.  
The Chair reviewed the objectives of the Board to be as follows:
a)To provide a communication vehicle for a close relationship between the residents of Bluewater Country and its management.
b)To work to improve security, maintenance and other matters of concern to the residents of Bluewater Country.
c)To foster a sense of community among the residents of Bluewater Community.
d)To assist individual residents of Bluewater Country who have a particular concern, in being heard by management so that corrective action can be identified and acted upon.
She mentioned that management is attending the meeting for the first time in some years. Questions were submitted for management to address, however no questions will be entertained by management.

3.Newcomers Report
Colette Wilson provided a report on new residents. She began doing the home visits in June, 2019. So far she has welcomed 10 new residents, and 5 more visits done in October and 5 remaining to be done.

4.Financial Report
Colette Wilson presented the financial report as at September 30, 2019. She advised that the GIC maturity amount is $2000 as of today’s date. The balance in the chequing account is $2510.84, cash is $150.00, and the GIC is $2000.00 resulting in total assets of $4660.84.  
Colette stated that the GIC was due for reinvestment on December 25, 2019. The Board is recommending that the GIC be reinvested in a one year, cashable GIC. The GIC will have earned $43.19 interest and will earn 1.9% interest on reinvestment
On motion by Bob McCarthy, seconded Colleen Painter, it was RESOLVED to reinvest the GIC due December 25, 2019. MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.

5.Social Committee Introduction and Report
Karen Baxter, Chair of the Social Committee, introduced the members of the Social Committee. There are some items she wants to highlight. In future, tickets will be sold in the craft room. She mentioned that a convenor is required for aquatics, the garden, and for the New Years’ Eve dance. Anyone interested in convening should contact her or another member of the Social Committee.
She mentioned that the Social Committee would like to add two fans in the Clubhouse. A quote has not yet been received, so the cost for the fans and installation will be brought to the Spring General Meeting for approval.  
She also mentioned that the cooler is not working properly. A company has been in to look at it, but parts are out of stock and it can no longer be repaired. A cooler has been located and Parkbridge has offered to pay for the cooler so it will not be a Social Committee expense.  

6.Bylaw Amendments
On motion by Al Richards, seconded by Debby Winterton, it was RESOLVED to approve Amendment No. 1 as follows:
2.03Election of the Board of Directors and Term of Office
(1)The term of office for Directors shall be for a two year term and they shall hold office from the date of the Annual Meeting at which they were elected/acclaimed.  
(2)The Directors shall be acclaimed by the members of the Corporation in a general meeting unless an election is required. Subject to the provisions of this by-law, Directors shall be eligible for re-election/acclamation. If no more than the maximum number of directors stand, they shall be acclaimed. If an election is required, the election will be by ballot vote prior to the Spring General Meeting.
On motion by Gerry Spencer, seconded by Ken Doan, it was RESOLVED to approve Amendment No. 2 as follows:
3.02Election of Officers
At a meeting of the Board of Directors prior to the Spring General Meeting, the Directors shall elect from among their members, a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer and determine the responsibilities of other Board members. The President shall, when present, preside at all meetings of the Board and all meetings of the Corporation. In the President’s absence, the Vice President will chair the meeting. Once the President decides to no longer run for re-election, (s)he shall serve for a one-year term in the position of Past-President in order to provide continuation and guidance to the Board.
On motion by Diane Barnhardt, seconded by Debby Winterton, it was RESOLVED to approve Amendment No. 3 as follows:
(1) Questions arising at any meeting of the Board shall be decided by a simple majority of votes cast. In case of a tie, the President will cast the deciding vote.

On motion by Diane Barnhardt, seconded by Denise Taylor, it was RESOLVED to approve Amendment No. 4 as follows:
5.01Standing Sub-Committees 
There will be one standing sub-committee: the Social Committee. The Social Committee shall report to and/or bring recommendations to the Board for final decision making if required.
5.01.1The Social Committee
The purpose of the Social Committee is limited to the planning, conducting, supervising and coordinating of recreational and social activities for the pleasure of all members of the Corporation. Items that are outside of the committee’s purpose are to be brought to the Board for consideration.  
(1) The Social Committee is composed of not less than seven members and no maximum number is required: Chairperson, Past-Chairperson (1 year term), Co-Chairperson (when necessary), Secretary, Treasurer and four (4) members, one of whom shall be a member of the Board;
(2) The acclamation of the members will take place at the Spring General Meeting;
(3) Social Committee meetings will be held monthly or at the call of the chairperson;
(4) Monies from any and all profit making activity must be turned over to the Social Treasurer within two days after the event, along with a completed financial statement form, unless other arrangements have been made prior to the event. 
(5)  Expenses
(a)Subject to the Social Committee policies and procedures, expenses for activities must be approved by the Social Committee. Any expenses which are not approved will not be reimbursed.  
(b)Expenses for renovations, alterations, repair or replacement of facilities or equipment are to be approved by the Board beforehand. This may also require Parkbridge approval.
(c)The social chairperson will submit a request for approval to the President at least one week prior to a Board meeting for final decision making, if required.
(d)All expenditures over $600.00 must go to a General Meeting of the Association for approval.
(6) This committee will report to the Board of Directors monthly and as necessary. 

On motion by Diane Barnhardt, seconded by Ken Doan, it was RESOLVED to approve Amendment No. 5 as follows:
8.01General Meetings
The Corporation shall hold two (2) meetings of its members a year. A General Meeting will be held in the Spring and the Fall. Interim Special Meetings may be called at the discretion of the President or by petition by a minimum of 10% of the members. If, at a general meeting, a member is disruptive or disrespectful to either the Board, Social Committee, or other members of the Corporation, the Board has the right to remove that member from the meeting.

a)New Horizons Federal Grant – Applicants will be advised in January/February if an application has been approved.
b)Frozen Pipe prevention for modular homes – homeowners of modular homes were reminded to insulate their pipes.
c)Speeding – Wayne Harris was asked if speeding had decreased due to the red reflective tape being put around the speed signs. It does not appear to have made much of an improvement, although the signs are more noticeable. He mentioned that he had called some courier companies who were not aware of the speed limit within Bluewater. In some cases, residents are the speeders and residents should be more responsible to slow down. The stops at the end of streets are also an issue, with drivers rolling through the stop signs.
d)Security Cameras – cameras in the maintenance area are operational and some letters have been sent out.

8.New Business 
a)Garden Produce – some residents are taking produce from the garden plots without approval of the gardener. Residents should be respectful of the gardeners who have plots. As well, people dumping in the compost area should be careful and not dump plastics.  
b)Elections Revenue – Diane mentioned that in the past the Social Committee and the Board split the revenue from elections. This year, the Board made a decision that all the money would go to the Social Committee.  
c)Letters sent to Parkbridge Head Office – Diane asked that if a resident decides to send a letter to Parkbridge directly, to please copy the Board so it is aware of what is being communicated.
d)Kitchen Phone – The 1-888 emergency # can be called from the kitchen phone. The phone numbers have been updated and the phone is working correctly now.
e)Kitchen grease Trap Odor – Diane mentioned that a truck may need to come in to suck the pipes to help remove the odor.
f)Clubhouse doors – it is management’s responsibility to make sure all doors are locked at the end of each day. Yet, the doors are being found unlocked.  
g)Management meeting records – Diane reviewed the difficulty she’s had with information received from management on various issues.  

9.Questions to Board
a)Colleen Painter asked about the street drains being sucked like they used to, at least yearly. Diane will ask management if there is a schedule for this.
b)Bob McCarthy suggested that there be a data base for residents’ skills that other residents can take advantage of. Diane will discuss this with management, but there may be a liability issue.
c)Residents walking at night should wear bright clothing to be safe.
d)One resident suggested that perhaps the gates should be changed to fenced gates rather than bars.
e)Drainage problems – someone from head office is coming to address the drainage problems.
f)Ray Lucas thanked the Board for the work being done.
g)Ross Lashbrook mentioned that the heat tape that goes around the pipes helps to protect pipes with freezing.  

10.Management Answer Period
Diane introduced Sue Baert, Regional Manager, who began work with Parkbridge in July, 2019. She indicated that customer service is key and she will find and provide answers to residents.  

She advised that Mary Lynn Kohut has resigned and Parkbridge is actively recruiting for a new manager. She will give the new manager a thorough training. Residents will be kept informed. She advised that the manager and administrator will work for only one community, not multiple communities. In future, the applications to alter approvals will be done by the manager, not by maintenance. The manager will also be out in the community more often than has been the case recently.

Work orders – there will be a transition to no longer having work order forms. Contact the office with the issue and that issue will be prioritized and get completed. This change will happen soon and residents will be kept informed. She mentioned that Parkbridge is outsourcing certain maintenance due to liability issues. Equipment training will be taking place as health and safety will be more of a priority. She stated that the days the office is closed will change so that the office is open Monday and Friday and that the office will only be closed for one hour for lunch. She will be looking into the tennis court light because it has been found that there is no power to that light. She advised that height training is required to clean the clubhouse fans and that training has been booked. The staff will be managed by management, not the residents. Sometimes the whole story is not knows by residents so managing staff needs to be left to management.
Water meters – 38 homes have water meters right now. Water meters are installed as homes are sold. She is going to find out how the bills are compiled and will be meeting with the residents that have water meters to explain the process, including how the reconciliation is done.  
Sue explained what an AGI (Above Guideline Increase) is and how it works. An AGI is requested to pay for items that are more than the increase mandated by the government.
Grass – staff will be managed more closely. Cell phone usage cannot be banned, sometimes they need to be reached.  
Roads – will not be power swept, she will look into an alternative.
Pond Phase 4 – she has someone looking into pond maintenance here and at other communities.  
Security – security cameras will be installed but at what gates will be clarified. Transponders will be looked into. Car damage will no longer be covered, people need to be more careful at the gates. 
Sink hole on path beyond garden plots – has been fixed.
Phase 4 entrance lighting – new solar lights are being installed.
Rte. 66 – cement posts to only allow golf cart – not going to happen as accidents will happen.
General Maintenance – weeding will be done periodically – no Round Up will be used as a weed killer.
Inspections – will be done by operations. Garbage will not go back to being picked up twice a week – it will only be collected once a week.  
Laundry room – the machines appear to be used very little. Parkbridge considers them a liability and have been removed from other communities. She asked if it is an undue hardship to anyone to please let her know. Otherwise, in one month the vendor will be contacted to remove the laundry machines.  

11.Spring General Meeting 
It was noted that the Spring General Meeting would be held on May 20, 2020 at 7:00 p.m.

It was RESOLVED that the meeting be adjourned at 9:15 P.M.

Board of Directors Meeting
November 8, 2019

PRESIDENT:  Diane Barnhardt
SECRETARY:  Karen Dore
PRESENT:Diane Barnhardt, Anne Doan, Karen Dore, Shirley Snell, Colette Wilson
EXCUSED:Elly Allsupp, Buddy Fischer

Minutes of the meeting of the Board of Directors of the Bluewater Country Residents Association held in Sarnia, Ontario, on Friday, November 8, 2019. Diane Barnhardt called the meeting to order at 8:30 a.m., there being a quorum present.  

The agenda was approved as circulated.  

2.Adoption/Review of Meeting Minutes 
The minutes of the Board meeting held October 11, 2019, were reviewed. Diane mentioned that the first aid kit in the kitchen has been moved to be located under the phone.  
On motion duly made by Colette Wilson, seconded by Shirley Snell, and CARRIED, it was resolved that the minutes of the Board meeting held October 11, 2019, be adopted.

3.Review Management Meeting
The record of the Management meeting held October 18 was reviewed. It was noted that the prepared agenda was not followed due to the absence of the manager. The agenda will be reviewed at the next meeting with management.  

4.Treasurer’s Report
The Treasurer’s report as of October 31, 2019 was reviewed. The report indicated that the total assets were $4660.84 with $2000.00 as the GIC investment leaving $2510.84 in the chequing account and $150.00 in petty cash. Diane asked that a total of the debits and credits for the year be given to her for the April 2020 meeting.  
On motion duly made by Shirley Snell, seconded Anne Doan, and CARRIED, it was resolved to accept the Treasurer’s Report as presented. 

5.Fall General Meeting
The meeting was reviewed. The consensus was that the meeting went well.
On motion duly made by Anne Doan, seconded by Colette Wilson, and CARRIED, it was resolved that the minutes of the General Meeting held October 23, 2019, be adopted.

6.Old Business
a)Home Visits – Colette advised that there are still five home visits to do because homeowners haven’t been available. It was suggested that the package be left in the mailbox if a homeowner can’t be reached after a couple months.  
b)Bulletin Boards – Shirley advised that she has updated the bulletin boards with Christmas activities since she will be away for a few days. She also mentioned that residents are posting notices incorrectly on the boards in the entry way that she’s been cleaning up.

7.New Business
a)Correspondence – correspondence received since the last meeting was reviewed.  
Diane has received several emails regarding the AGI. In Spring 2017 the government began capping fees, resulting in Above Guideline Increases (AGI) being submitted. A submission cannot be made until 6 months after the project has been completed, then it takes approximately one year for a hearing to take place. Residents with questions should contact Sue Baert.  
Diane clarified that she wanted to be copied on letters that go to head office. She does not need to be copied on communications to management regarding Bluewater unless the Board needs to be involved to get a resolution.
Drainage concerns were addressed by Parkbridge representatives on October 28. An update is expected at the next meeting with management.  
b)Website – Diane is checking with management to determine if it is possible to password protect the full website rather than having it open to the public. Sue Baert is checking with the IT department to determine how this can be accomplished and will provide an update.  
c)Yard lights – residents are reminded that there should only be white lights in the globes for visibility and uniformity. Also the globe with the address should be visible at all times and not covered by decorations.  

8.Next Meeting
It was determined that the next Board meeting will be held on Friday, April 17, 2020, in the Library at 9:30 a.m. A Board meeting will be held earlier if necessary. Meetings with Management will continue through the winter to follow up on outstanding issues.  

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 9:55 a.m.

November 14, 2019

Present:  Sue Baert, Regional Manager, Diane Barnhardt, President BWCRA, Anne Doan, Vice President BWCRA

1.Review meeting minutes September 12/19.

2.Review meeting minutes October 18/19.

3.Old Business:
a)Entrance Phase 4 lighting:  All of the parts required are not here yet to complete the job.
b)Kitchen cleaning:  schedule is as follows: Daily – the garbage is emptied; Tuesdays – Deep clean; Weekly – Clean counter tops, sink, fridge; Monthly – Outside of cupboards wiped down and the microwave. Sue asked to be notified if there is an issue.
c)Lawn signs:  This is a property standard and the new manager will ensure the property standards are enforced.
d)Fountain in Phase 4:  There is now a lock on the fountain.
e)Laundry area machines:  Corporate is reviewing a time line when to remove.
f)Bazaar donation:  Parkbridge is donating a $100.00 gift certificate to Home Depot
g)Grease trap odor:  A company will be coming in to clean it. This will be done yearly. This job will have to be done in the evening due to the terrible odor and the clubhouse will have to be closed while the work is being done. A posting will be put up once the date has been set.
h)Work orders:  Are no longer to be done by residents. If you see an issue, please call the office. More information regarding the process will be in the letter Management will be putting in residents’ mailboxes.
i)Electrical Room:  The bingo machine has been relocated until it can be moved off site.
j)Mailhouse cleaning:  Will be put on a maintenance schedule in the Spring.
k)Kitchen wall patch painting:  Will be done this Winter.
l)First Aid Kit:  Has been relocated to the counter under the phone and the binder is now in the top drawer.

4.New Business:
a)Sewer street drains:  Flushing is done yearly. All of the drains are not done yearly, it is on a rotating basis.
b)Foyer between the doors at the clubhouse:  The dirt that is noted will be cleaned.
c)List of skilled residents:  Management will not endorse this.
d)Gates:  Will be left up during the day and be re-evaluated in January.
e)Manager recruitment:  Interviewing is being done now.
f)Toner and painting supplies:  The Social Committee is responsible for purchasing the toner for the printer in the cloak room and to replenish the paper. They can go to the office and get the paper and store it in the Social Committee office for convenience.
g)Pool Lights:  Management would like residents to be reminded to please shut off the pool lights when leaving that area.
h)AGI:  The AGI meeting will be held January 10 at 12:30 at the Sarnia Library.
i)Billiard room painting:  Management was informed that this job is no longer required to be done.

Respectfully submitted,
Diane Barnhardt, President, BWCRA

November 5, 2019

Some of you have received letters from Parkbridge informing you that they have applied to the Tribunal (Landlord and Tenant Board) for an Above Guideline Increase (AGI). The reason they would apply for this is to try to recoup some of the large expenses they have incurred now that the government has capped landlords to how much they can increase monthly fees by.
An item cannot be Aggied until 6 months after completion of the project. Then it can take up to one year to get a hearing.
The RTA (Resident Tenancy Act) started to cap landlords in Spring of 2017.
The items that they have listed fall after the Spring of 2017. For example:
The pool lift project was completed in August of 2017
The pavilion was completed in August of 2017. (The money they are trying to recoup is the $5,000.00 that Parkbridge had to pay that was not covered by the New Horizon Grant)

If you require any further explanation please contact Sue Baert at (519) 384-4430.

Thank you
Diane Barnhardt, President, BWCRA