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November 14, 2019

Present:  Sue Baert, Regional Manager, Diane Barnhardt, President BWCRA, Anne Doan, Vice President BWCRA

1.Review meeting minutes September 12/19.

2.Review meeting minutes October 18/19.

3.Old Business:
a)Entrance Phase 4 lighting:  All of the parts required are not here yet to complete the job.
b)Kitchen cleaning:  schedule is as follows: Daily – the garbage is emptied; Tuesdays – Deep clean; Weekly – Clean counter tops, sink, fridge; Monthly – Outside of cupboards wiped down and the microwave. Sue asked to be notified if there is an issue.
c)Lawn signs:  This is a property standard and the new manager will ensure the property standards are enforced.
d)Fountain in Phase 4:  There is now a lock on the fountain.
e)Laundry area machines:  Corporate is reviewing a time line when to remove.
f)Bazaar donation:  Parkbridge is donating a $100.00 gift certificate to Home Depot
g)Grease trap odor:  A company will be coming in to clean it. This will be done yearly. This job will have to be done in the evening due to the terrible odor and the clubhouse will have to be closed while the work is being done. A posting will be put up once the date has been set.
h)Work orders:  Are no longer to be done by residents. If you see an issue, please call the office. More information regarding the process will be in the letter Management will be putting in residents’ mailboxes.
i)Electrical Room:  The bingo machine has been relocated until it can be moved off site.
j)Mailhouse cleaning:  Will be put on a maintenance schedule in the Spring.
k)Kitchen wall patch painting:  Will be done this Winter.
l)First Aid Kit:  Has been relocated to the counter under the phone and the binder is now in the top drawer.

4.New Business:
a)Sewer street drains:  Flushing is done yearly. All of the drains are not done yearly, it is on a rotating basis.
b)Foyer between the doors at the clubhouse:  The dirt that is noted will be cleaned.
c)List of skilled residents:  Management will not endorse this.
d)Gates:  Will be left up during the day and be re-evaluated in January.
e)Manager recruitment:  Interviewing is being done now.
f)Toner and painting supplies:  The Social Committee is responsible for purchasing the toner for the printer in the cloak room and to replenish the paper. They can go to the office and get the paper and store it in the Social Committee office for convenience.
g)Pool Lights:  Management would like residents to be reminded to please shut off the pool lights when leaving that area.
h)AGI:  The AGI meeting will be held January 10 at 12:30 at the Sarnia Library.
i)Billiard room painting:  Management was informed that this job is no longer required to be done.

Respectfully submitted,
Diane Barnhardt, President, BWCRA

November 5, 2019

Some of you have received letters from Parkbridge informing you that they have applied to the Tribunal (Landlord and Tenant Board) for an Above Guideline Increase (AGI). The reason they would apply for this is to try to recoup some of the large expenses they have incurred now that the government has capped landlords to how much they can increase monthly fees by.
An item cannot be Aggied until 6 months after completion of the project. Then it can take up to one year to get a hearing.
The RTA (Resident Tenancy Act) started to cap landlords in Spring of 2017.
The items that they have listed fall after the Spring of 2017. For example:
The pool lift project was completed in August of 2017
The pavilion was completed in August of 2017. (The money they are trying to recoup is the $5,000.00 that Parkbridge had to pay that was not covered by the New Horizon Grant)

If you require any further explanation please contact Sue Baert at (519) 384-4430.

Thank you
Diane Barnhardt, President, BWCRA
December 13, 2019

Present:  Sue Baert, Regional Manager, Kevin Smith, Community Manager, Anne Doan, Vice-President BCRA

This was the introductory meeting with the new community manager.

1.Lights - Entrance Phase 4: Lights are not bright enough. An electrician will be looking at the lights not working.

2.Pool area: It was suggested that a sign should be put up in the pool area to remind everyone to shut off the lights.

3.Foyer Entrance: This has been cleaned.

4.Correspondence: None to discuss.

AGI Meeting – January 3, 2020 – 2:00 PM

151 residents in attendance.
Anne Doan called the meeting to order at 2:00 PM.

She read a statement and questions from residents are noted as follows:

“This meeting is to discuss the proposed AGI’s that Parkbridge is requesting. Only questions and comments regarding this will be addressed. 

AGI stands for Above Guideline Increase. 

In the Spring of 2017, The Resident Tenancy Act started to mandate what landlords can increase fees by a certain percent. With the provision that the landlord could apply for an Above Guideline Increase. 

Prior to this Parkbridge managed their own fees. They always amortized expenses over the longest time frame possible. For example 25 years to help keep the monthly fees down. The previous increases were usually between $5.00 and $10.00. 

No AGI can be applied for until the job has been completed for 6 months. Diane reviewed all of the projects proposed in the AGI’s and found that they are within the time frame to apply for an AGI. 

We feel that the issue is not the actual jobs they are applying for but rather the length of time that the RTA takes to get something to the tribunal or mediation. 

In 2018 Parkbridge applied for anything completed after the Spring of 2017. Which is just now, 2 years later, getting to mediation. In 2019 they applied for the 2018 eligible work projects through another AGI that is now just getting to mediation. 

We are looking at a higher increase all at once. That is, in a sense, a two-year increase all at once. 

We will be asking the mediator at the meeting on the 10th why it takes so long to get to this point after an AGI is applied for. The RTA is regulating landlords by limiting the amount of increase they can charge their tenants per year but by taking so long to process the AGI’s they are, in fact, penalizing the tenants by having a large increase all at once. 

We will now open the meeting up for questions or comments.” 


Mike Bridgeo, 432:  question re the 6 issues listed on the application. Pond pump, #3, 4 and 6 would appear to be normal replacement items and Parkbridge should cover the cost, why should residents have to pay?
Serge Gagnon, 458:  clarification is required as to what is the homeowners’ responsibility for maintenance issues. For example, would gate replacement or roads be the homeowners’ or Parkbridge’s responsibility? The 3% increase mentioned in the application would be for how long – how many years would it continue? The $80,000 being asked for could be covered by the increase in one year.  
Bob McCarthy, 163:  It appears most of the items are maintenance and should be paid by Parkbridge. The pavilion amount claimed by Parkbridge may cover more than one item (roof, concrete, etc.) and that should be accounted for. The New Horizons Grant received paid for the tables, sound upgrades, part of the pavilion expansion costs. If someone moved in 6 months ago, should they have to pay for something that happened before they lived here? We are a land lease community – should we be governed under the Tenant Act. We tried to get an expense statement in the past, and he would ask the Board to make sure the expenses claimed haven’t already been written off. He stated that as many residents as possible should show up at the meeting next Friday and anyone who wants to speak should do so – he feels that the more that show up the better.  
Karen Baxter, 508:  how many AGIs can Parkbridge apply for in a year? Due to the parking situation downtown, she offered to arrange for 3-4 school buses for residents to take to the meeting, starting to leave at 11:45.  
Roger Dimma, 470:  everyone should check their increase letters. City taxes should be around 3%, less than what Parkbridge is charging. A breakdown of expenses would be helpful. There is no accounting as to what the maintenance fees cover. He mentioned that the increase could be done over and over each year.  
Elly Dodge Montminy, 37:  they did not get the document – what about the residents that did not receive the information? Anne asked that anyone else that did not receive the information should provide give her their information at the end of the meeting.
Bruce Dilling, 397:  transformer was for the pavilion and should be maintenance. Was the gate replacement necessary? The old gate was working fine. The pool lift was required to comply with legislation. Should homeowners have to pay for mandated expenses? Does not agree with any of the costs, they are all maintenance related as far as he’s concerned.
Bob Bradley, 252:  do we have to pay retroactively? How do we know when paying for the AGI would be finished? 
Annie Ferrera, 158:  what about all the residents who have gone South? Should we be seeking legal advice? She asked at the office for a copy of the expenses and left a copy with the Board.  
Jack Lambley, 345:  notice of hearing states 5700 Blackwell Sideroad, what about 5600? Is this a legal notice since it leaves out part of the community? There are at least 25 people who have died or moved out on the list, as well as the new residents who did not receive the information. Residents do not have a fund to cover legal fees. He mentioned a dump truck that had been purchased some years ago but does not seem to be around.
Teresa, 344:  did not receive a letter although the previous owner received the documentation. The office told her it didn’t affect her. Which of these items has been depreciated – has Parkbridge already received tax relief for any of these items.  
Shaun Kilduff, 217:  Maintenance repairs and improvements are included in the items that can be claimed in Landlord & Tenant Act. Just prior to the Landlord Act being enacted in 2017, a large increase was imposed by Parkbridge ($20?). Right now we don’t have the funds to hire a lawyer. Perhaps the Board should consider trying to impose a levy on every residence to create a legal fund. The water meters being installed on every resale, plus $50 increase may need legal advice at some point. The mediator hearing will try and resolve the issues.  
John McMartin, 371:  lived here 3 weeks and did not receive a letter. Everyone has a vested interest in what is going on no matter how long they’ve lived here. Expenses should be accounted for and residents should be able to know if an expense is Parkbridge’s or the homeowner’s. There has been no opportunity to discuss this properly due to the short notice period.
John Wilson, 299:  problem with security in the park. He stated that police will not come into the park to address issues such as the golf cart thefts.
Barbara Simpson, 424:  should someone be appointed to speak on behalf of the residents?
Robert Blakey, 144:  There is a difference between maintenance and capital costs. Maintenance is to fix something already in place with no changes made. Pool lift, gate rework, transformer, etc. are capital expenses not maintenance because there were upgrades or changes made.
Allan Fawell, 314: it was suggested that transportation be arranged to take everyone to the meeting.  
Who is paying for the AGI – 5700 and 5600 or just 5700?
Owners – could the list be checked to determine who has died or no longer lives in the park? How many are South? How many are new that didn’t receive the notice?  
Perhaps an extension could be received to obtain information. What are they going to be spending money on in future so that homeowners can make a decision if they want to pay for it or not.
Brian Sutcliffe, 426: If someone cannot attend the hearing, you can provide written permission for someone to speak on your behalf. The upcoming meeting is a hearing, after which a decision would be made.  

Steps going forward:
Karen Baxter arranging school buses to take residents to the hearing on January 10, 2020. They will begin leaving from the Clubhouse at 11:45 a.m.
Residents to indicate whether they are taking a bus to the hearing, there may be a small fee ($1-$2) to cover the cost of the bus.
Anne Doan will get as many answers as possible to the questions raised at this meeting and post them. 
Anne Doan already has a number of proxies from residents to speak on their behalf at the hearing.


Was asked to Contact paralegal company
A: they were contacted and we were told to look up concerns in RTA

Notice letters sent with no date. Regulations states 90 days notice.
A: increase delayed due to incorrect form

Notice letter not sent to everyone, I, Anne Doan did not receive a letter.
A: as long as it goes to the house it is fine

Notice only mentions 5700 – WHAT ABOUT 5600?
A: 5700 is were office is located

Notice sent to deceased individuals.
A: Using list current at the time of the application

Notice sent to people who no longer live in the park.
A: Using list current at time of the application

Letter says Guideline increase is 1.8 yet chart says 2.2 
A: 1.8 wrong new form with correct information
A: N1 letter refers to your rent increase not part of AGI

Why are the following not maintenance related?
Pond pump, South entrance, Pavilion, Transformer
A: PB is allowed to claim them

Clarification of what is the homeowner responsibility for and what is PB responsible for?
A: Ask tribunal

3% increase is for how long?
A: ask tribunal

$80,000 could be recovered in one year!
A: Where does this figure come from

Most items are maintenance and should be paid for by PB
A: your opinion

Pavilion amount should be itemized as New Horizon Grant paid for part.
A: Looking onto it 9new Hoeizon Grant paid for about $5100

If someone moved in 6 months ago should they have to paid for items done before they arrived?
A: no and will not

As a Land Lease Community should we be covered by the RTA?
A: your opinion but it is current definition:
Land Lease Community means the land one which one or more occupied land lease homes are situated and including rental units and the land and structures, service and facilities of which the landlord retains possessions and that are intended for the common use and enjoyment of the tenants of the landlord
Land Lease Home means a dwelling, other than a mobile home that is a permanent structure which the owner of the dwelling leases the land used or intended for the use as the site for a dwelling

Wants expense statement to make sure items have not already been written off.
A: Can only apply for new items

How many AGIs can PB apply for in a year?
A: Ask tribunal (as many as PB wants but cannot go over 3% in total)

Expenses in letter has errors, he went to office and got a revised letter.
A: ask for a revised letter

Did not receive the notice.
A: No notice as it does not apply to you

Transformer for Pavilion should be maintenance.
A: It is new and meets the definition of capital

Was the gate replacement necessary?
A: Was necessary to the degree done is open for debate

Should homeowners have to pay for mandatory expenses
A: Yes

Do we pay retroactively.
A: Yes, and back to your individual anniversary date (tribunal may adjust the date)

When does paying for this AGI end
A :Ask tribunal

What about notices to residents who have gone south
A: Official notice must be mailed

Could they be sent an electronic file
A: They can be but it is not an official notice

Is it a legal notice since no mention of 5600
A: Yes

What happened to the dump truck, are we still paying for it.
A: Good question but not relevant to the hearing

Did not receive notice
Office told her that it did not apply to her
A: True

Which of these items have already been depreciated
A: these are new items

Did PB receive tax relief
A: no these are new items

Lived here 3 weeks no notice
A: Correct does not apply to you

What expenses are PB and what are home owners
A: ask tribunal

All should receive notice whether it applies to you or not.
A: No (ask tribunal for clarification)

Was AGI only for 5700 and not 5600.
A: Whole park – 5700 address of office

Why is list so outdated
A: The list used was current at the time work was done

JANUARY 16, 2020

Snow removal – individuals are in place for snow removal. There will be a major cleanup of the maintenance and office yard. Lights in Phase four entrance will be looked at by an electrician.

Garbage update: garbage will only be taken if in black or green garbage bags if not in one of these it will not be picked up.
Recycling will only be picked up from blue boxes NOT plastic bags.

A company has been called to clean the grease trap in the kitchen. The social committee will be asked when the best time would be as the hall must be closed for two (2) days because of the smell also the floors will be buffed during that time.

The office will no longer be giving out phone numbers of our Residents which means no more phone lists. This is a directive from Parkbridge’s head office because of privacy concerns.

Anyone who has a water meter and has issues, questions and concerns is asked to call Sue and or Kevin.

Hank who has been taking wonderful care of our fishpond by the hall is retiring as of February 4th. We would like to say “Thank You” for all the work you have done in keeping the pond for us.

New maintenance manager will be announced shortly.

Signage may be coming to remind everyone to shut off the lights in the pool area.

Election payment cheque was sent to head office. A cheque will be sent to the Board for the amount and turned over to the social committee.

Theft update: we have not heard of any thefts in the last while, but please make sure you lock your sheds and keep an eye.

We are looking at the week of February 24th for our first coffee chat meeting. We will be checking with the social committee for an available date for the hall. Please plan to attend.