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I regret to inform you that we have just heard that our New Horizon Application has been denied. It is very disappointing news for sure but in light of the new government expenses with respect to the battle against the Covid 19 virus I am not surprised. We will try again.

Diane Barnhardt, President

  April 7, 2020

Participants: Kevin Smith (Community Manager), Diane Barnhardt/Anne Doan (Residents Association), Sue Baert (Regional Manager)

1. Review the role of the Residents Association Board, Social Committee and how they relate to Management.

Residents that have a query or concern should go to management first for a resolution. If they need further clarification or cannot find resolution and it is the concern of the entire community, they should reach out to their Residents Association Board. Both parties work closely together. Management is doing their best to follow-up on all calls and emails. 

2. Review of Previous Meeting Minutes: Lot lights continue to be a problem. There are currently approximately 20 lights that are not working and need an electrician to tend to them. With the Covid-19 virus it is not possible to get contractors in to do the work that is needed. 
3. Maintenance:

a)Mailroom: Is currently being cleaned two to three times per day as it relates to Covid-19. Please enter the mailroom one at a time to ensure social distancing.
b)Cleaning of Clubhouse: During the closure staff have been taking advantage of thoroughly cleaning the clubhouse.  
c)Kitchen Range Hood: Is scheduled to be cleaned in the next two weeks.
d)Grease Trap: Has been completed
e)Floor buffing: Is currently being completed. The wax coats will follow.

4..Health and Safety Issues:

a)Covid-19: Every amenity has been closed as per Government guidelines.
b)Route 66 Roadway: Continues to be closed as it is not safe. As it is Conservation land, the City used to come in and shore it up, but that was many years ago and they do not still do that, since then our staff have repaired it twice. After speaking with the Conservation Office it is noted that a permit is needed to do any repairs to that area. The Covid restrictions has made it difficult for management to proceed. Management are aware of the inconvenience to phase 4 residents. Residents are reminded to not go around the caution tape or the barricades as there is a great safety issue. The same goes for the garden and compost areas. People are throwing plastic bags in that area and it looks like a garbage dump. These plastic bags are in the flood plain. This area will be monitored closely by the Community Manager and his staff. No one should be walking or using a golf-cart in this area.
c)Tennis Courts, Clubhouse, all outdoor activities, community garden, pavilion and workshop are closed until further notice as per provincial legislation as related to Covid-19.
d)Rodents in phase 4 and compost pile: the compost pile is a breeding ground for rodents. Also to be noted is that bird feeders and compost in your yards will also attract them. When it is safe the compost pile will be removed.  

5.Capital Project Updates:
a)AGI updates and Capital list for 2020: Is all on hold for now.

6.Tenant Relations:
a)Coffee Chat: Appeared to be successful. Another coffee chat will be held as soon as social distancing has been lifted. The topic will be Rent/Maintenance as well as Grass Cutting & Snow Shovelling upon resale.  
b)Review on E-transferring: More to come 

7.Gates and Remotes: In phase 4 seem to be working fine. Remotes can still be purchased by calling the office.
a)Communications: Management will be sending out a newsletter this month along with correspondence. 
b)Resident Website: Lengthy discussion on website. Management feels the website administrators are doing a wonderful job, however, they will not be posting personal information on the website. Management will continue to stay in touch with administrators and use the website for emergency items. Moving forward they will utilize the coffee chats and communication through the mailroom and email. 
As it is a Residents website and not a management website it has been decided that the Social Committee will pay the yearly website charge of approx.. $250.00. Annie and Sue Brine will continue to manage the site and post and they always have in the past.  

New Business:
a)Welcome Package: Both management and the Residents association will be responsible for their own packages that new residents receive. 
b)New Horizon Grant: Has been denied. Perhaps due to government spending related to Covid.  
c)Snow and Grass removal on resales: Up until 2019, most properties within Parkbridge have removed snow and grass from their portfolio of maintenance to RESALES ONLY. Bluewater Country is one of three that currently offer this. As of January 1, 2019, any property not currently listed, will continue. Any listings and resales after this time will have snow & grass cutting removed from their lease. This is due to constraints imposed by Ontario rent control provisions that were implemented in 2017 makes these home site services no longer sustainable. Parkbridge’s costs to provide these services have risen substantially higher than the annual guideline rent increases that Parkbridge is restricted to (i.e. 2.2% in 2020). This does not affect current residents living at Parkbridge as of January 1, 2019. We will continue to cut their grass and shovel their snow as per their lease. All other common areas will be cut and shoveled.
d)Fish Pond: There are currently many health and safety issues around the pond. There are more fish now, approximately 140 and the depth of the water is four feet deep in some places which is a concern when children are close to this area. There are extension cords in the water. The pond rocks are deteriorating. The foundation around the fountain is deteriorating and sections of this area are breaking off and falling into the pond. The pond will be drained and the fish relocated safely off site. This will enable the Community Manager to see what exactly needs to be done. The future of the pond is unknown at this time.  

7.Date of Next Meeting: TBD

Respectfully Submitted
Diane Barnhardt, President, BWCRA