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Social Committee Meeting
August 06, 2019

Present: Elly Allsupp, Audrey Atkinson, Ann Baker (Secretary), Barbara Auger, Karen Baxter (Chair), Pat Richards, Bonnie Robbins, Rita Spencer, Debby Winterton. 

Guests: Diane Barnhardt (President BCRA)

Call to Order
Karen welcomed everyone and called the meeting to order at 9:30am.  

July 9th Meeting Minutes Review and Approval
 Minutes of 09 July 2019 were reviewed.
A motion was made by Pat and seconded by Rita to adopt the minutes. Carried.

Old Business:
Event Convener Check List for Dinner Dance: This item was deferred from the last meeting. Karen led a discussion on revisions. It was decided to include under “Two Months in Advance” the need to contact Steve Baxter with information for posters. It was agreed to add the names of conveners sited and include email addresses for Steve Baxter and Debby Winterton.  
Remembrance Day Event Planning: Audrey has worked with Maurice Braet to confirm the piper and a speaker for Friday November 8th. Contact with the Royal Canadian Legion is in process. Also, in process is finding an MC. Audrey was asked to thank participants. 
Discussion on lunch arrangements led to these decisions:
A sign-up sheet will be posted on the 2 bulletin boards
It will be a no cost lunch subsidized by the Social Committee
Details on the food preparation will be available at the next meeting
Additional Hall Ceiling Fans – Audrey has consulted a knowledgeable resident about the cost of 2 additional fans. 
Follow Up Action: Audrey will contact the office and prepare a work order requesting an installation quote from an approved electrical company.  
Response to the advertisement for conveners – Halloween event, November Bazaar, and New Year’s event - Karen has had no response.  
Halloween dance – Audrey and Frank will convene (see details below)
November Bazaar After a lengthy discussion it was decided not to hold it this year. All present were asked to come to the September meeting with ideas on popular items that could be prepared in large quantities on a quarterly basis. This fall we plan to prepare 1-2 items. Date to be determined. 
New Year’s event – There is no convener yet. Details at the next meeting. 
Hall tables - Elly stated that another table is now broken.
Follow Up Action: Karen and Elly will contact Manley’s to purchase two replacement tables for the previously quoted cost.  
Karaoke - Nicole is not available in September as previously arranged. Instead of Karaoke on September 20th it has been decided to hold a dance with Gord Currie and Vic Newton as conveners. In October Nicole is available to convene Karaoke. 
Donations of paper cups – This item was deferred from the last meeting. Rita reported that Tim’s donates only if coffee is purchased. Snowbirds Association has donated 1000 paper placemats.  
Follow Up Action: Ann will send a thank you note to the Snowbirds Association.

 New Business:
Committee Member Resignations – Karen reported that both Betty Brough and Frank Van Kempen have resigned for personal reasons. Our committee thanks them for their service and their willingness to continuing to help at social events. 
Thanksgiving Food Collection: Larry Bray has inquired about conducting one on October 5th. It was decided to advertise the event on bulletin boards and on the website, encouraging residents to leave non-perishables on their front porches. Larry will organize a pick-up crew.  
Kitchen Stove Inspection – When Sentry Fire Protection conducted it recently, the stove was moved to meet regulations that it be directly under the fan. During the move several items were found behind the stove and removed.  
Follow Up Action: A work order will be prepared by Karen to patch paint the area behind the stove. 
Replacement for Chair: Karen in February and March – Elly volunteered.
Approval of Draft Meeting Minutes – In order to expedite the approval process so that the Board receives the minutes in time for their meeting, it was decided that the Chair will approve them before distribution.
Posters on Bulletin Board – Bonnie requested that conveners’ names be added. It was agreed to do so.

 Treasurer’s Report – Elly Allsupp
Elly provided the Treasurer’s Report for the month ending 30 July 2019 as follows: 
Opening Balance $6485.80 Income $1773.50 Disbursements $1837.16 
Closing Book Balance $6422.14

A motion was made by Barb and seconded by Bonnie to accept the Treasurer’s Report as presented. Carried.

Elly suggested that a small safe be purchased and mounted to the office wall to hold cash on hand before banking. Keys would be kept by Karen and Elly only. It was agreed to do so. 
Follow Up Action: Elly will make purchase and arrangements for the above.  

 Correspondence – Previously reported under “New Business.”

 Review of Past Events
July 19th Karaoke – Very enjoyable with more participants 
July 26th Fish Fry Lunch – Successful with 50 attendees. It was suggested next year to have a dinner event without potluck. The issues of malfunctioning of the audio equipment and some outlets in the pavilion were discussed. 
Follow Up Action: Diane will discuss solutions with Management. 
August 2nd Happy Hour – Enjoyable with 38 in attendance. Music provided by Frank Poirier was much appreciated.

 Review of Projected Events (Check Hall Bulletin Board for Details)
August 11th Ice Cream Social – Barb reported that 33 tickets were sold to date. Her team and plans are in place.
August 25th Scavenger Hunt – Barb & Elly reported that many have signed up. They will provide details to be posted on the bulletin boards and website. 
September 20th – Dance convened by Gord Currie and Vic Newton.
September 21st Trivia Night – Karen reported that Richard Papineau is making the arrangements. 8-10 topics will be used. Those signed up are asked to form teams of 5-6 at an entry cost of $ 20. Snacks provided. There will be prizes. BYOB. 
October 11th Thanksgiving Dinner– Ann stated that Salt & Pepper Catering are confirmed. This is a dinner only event.  
October 26th Halloween Dance – Audrey and Frank are conveners. Border Lite band is confirmed.  
November 23rd Wine & Cheese -Bonnie has plans in place. Details at the next meeting.
Christmas Dinner & Dance – Elly has confirmed Salt & Pepper Catering and Border Line band. A maximum of 200 tickets will be sold.  

Confirmed September Events
September 6th 4 – 6pm Happy Hour
September 20th 7 – 10pm Dance (in place of Karaoke)
September 21st 7 – 10pm 7 – 10pm Trivia Night
September 27th 6pm Pizza Night

(Ann left the meeting)
Volunteer Luncheon to be held in the spring

Board Report – Diane Barnhardt 
The question of including the use of amenities with pavilion bookings was discussed at the last Board meeting the Board has no objection. It was decided to do so for future bookings.  
Follow Up Action: Pat will amend the contract accordingly.  
The kitchen phone no longer has long distance service. It was noted that as a result the emergency number cannot be reached.
Follow Up Action: Diane will raise this issue with management. 
Cameras are now installed at the garbage site. If dumping is viewed a warning letter will be sent to the resident and possibly followed up with a fine.
Sarnia Police has agreed to drive through the park occasionally due to recent robberies.
Mary Lynn and the Parkbridge corporate office are working on a phase-in plan regarding full accessibility to be completed in 2023.  

Old Business Item: Pantry Keys
There will be only 3 keys in circulation. One of those will be a spare to be used by anyone convening an event. 

A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Debby and seconded by Rita at 12:00pm. Carried. 

Next Meeting Date: Tuesday September 10th at 9:30am

Respectfully Submitted
Ann Baker, Secretary

Social Committee Meeting
September 03, 2019

Present: Elly Allsupp, Ann Baker (Secretary), Barbara Auger, Karen Baxter (Chair), Pat Richards, Bonnie Robbins, Rita Spencer, Debby Winterton.
Guest: Diane Barnhardt (President BCRA)

Welcome & Call to Order 
Karen welcomed everyone and called the meeting to order at 9:30 am.

Karen stated that Audrey Atkinson has resigned from our committee and has offered to assist at events. Appreciation for her participation was expressed.

Last Meeting Minutes Review and Approval
Minutes of 06 August were reviewed. 
A motion was made by Debby and seconded by Elly. Carried. 

Old Business:
Installation Quote for Hall Ceiling Fans Karen is in the process of requesting one from Christopher Electric, the company that regularly provides service here. The quote will be available for the October 23rd General Meeting. 
Purchase of Hall Tables There are none in stock at Manleys. Karen plans to check again. 
Note of Thanks to Canadian Snowbird Association Sent by Ann. 
Kitchen Wall Patch Painting A work order has been submitted by Karen.
Bazaar or Replacement Event By consensus it was agreed to hold a Christmas Bazaar on November 30th. These details were discussed, and the outcomes are as follows:
Our Committee to convene the event from 9 am – 12 pm
Flyers to be made up ASAP
Flyers to be posted in church bulletins and other suitable areas
A ‘Save the Date’ notice to be placed in mailboxes and will include ‘Vendors Wanted’
Vendor tables to be available for $5 (residents) and $10 (non-residents)
New items only for sale
No raffle tickets 
Vendors to be asked to donate a prize – winners do not need to be present to win
Barb to prepare prize tickets 
Parkbridge to be approached for a prize
Debby and Rita to organize the bake table
One person to be purser for the event  

New Business
Pizza night/movie Elly explained that the movie rental business is closing, and 8 movies were purchased at minimal cost following consultation with Karen. These movies will be shown until the summer 2020 break and then be donated to the library. 
Hall/Pavilion Rental Deposit Karen and Pat requested clarity about when it is due. It was decided to recommend that, when booking is requested, the cash deposit should be received and the contract signed. 
Follow Up Action: Diane will take this recommendation to the October 23rd General Meeting for a vote. 
Baking Equipment Debby mentioned that Rayjon is holding its last fall fair this month. Some baking equipment is for sale. 
Follow Up Action: Debby will bring details to our next meeting. 
Pavilion Refrigerator Malfunction Pat noticed this recently. The refrigerator is old. 
Follow Up Action: A work order will be made out by Karen to remove it. Our Committee will review the need for a replacement next spring. 
Request for new bulletin board in the mailroom Bonnie made the request. It was agreed that she purchase one. 
Kitchen Taps The repair has been done. 
Grease Trap Odour It continues. 
Follow Up Action: Diane will follow up with Management.

Treasurer’s Report
Elly provided the Treasurer’s Report for the month ending 31 August 2019 as follows: 
Opening Balance $6422.14 Income $407.00 Disbursements $824.87
Closing Book Balance $6004.27

Elly was thanked for providing all members with a Reconciliation Summary.
A motion was made by Debby and seconded by Bonnie to accept the Treasurer’s Report as presented. Carried.

Larry Bray has contacted Karen with details for the October 5th Food Drive. Bags left on front porches will be picked up by volunteers beginning at 9:30 am.

 Review of Past Events
August 11th Ice Cream Social Well received – 76 attendees
August 16th Karaoke Dance Well attended
August 25th Scavenger Hunt Enjoyed by 26 participants Described as too short and too easy. Plan to hold another in future.

Review of Projected Events (Check Hall Bulletin Board for Details)
September 6th Happy Hour
September 20th Karaoke Dance with Vic and Gord
September 21st Trivia Night – Karen & Richard Papineau conveners. Posters up – cost $15 per team (5 people) 
Corn Roast – Buddy Fischer to be consulted regarding availability of corn

October 5th Pancake Breakfast – first of the season – pancakes, sausages, French toast
October 11th Thanksgiving Dinner – Salt & Pepper catering. Plans are to break even. Catering cost is $20 per person. Ticket costs $22 residents $25 non-residents. Set up and clean up volunteers needed. Committee members offered to wash linen tablecloths.
October 18th Karaoke with Nicole
October 26th Halloween Dance - Audrey and Frank working together on plans

 Board Report
Diane reviewed the August 16th meeting minutes (in the September Gazette) and discussion followed.
Diane has inquired about scuff marks in the hall and has learned that the policy of stripping and cleaning the floor every 3 months has been changed to once per year. 
Today Diane has tested the kitchen phone with the 1-888 emergency number, and it connected. She noted that the posted signs do not have the correct numbers typed in. 
Follow Up Action: Diane will follow up with Management. 
She indicated that she will raise these issues at the next Management Meeting:
Defibrillator checks by trained staff and EMS
Malfunction of pavilion equipment (audio equipment and plugs)
Further discussion on garbage pick up in the kitchen and laundry areas
Diane awaits Mary-Lynn’s response to her invitation to attend the October 23rd General Meeting.

A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Ann and seconded by Barb at 12:00 pm. Carried. 

Next Meeting Date: Tuesday October 8th at 9:30 am